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Play like a Floridian: Get your boat and camper in shape

If you own a boat, RV or camper in Florida, chances are you use it almost year-round.

Perhaps you took a break this winter, but this is the ideal month to get your boat or vehicle tuned up and spiffed up for a great time in the water or on the road next season.

Taking time to document the items of value in your home – typically, anything over $50 – results in a compilation of essential information you may need if any of the above occur. Without a detailed list of the contents of your home, it will be much more challenging to receive accurate compensation for your loss.

Start by giving it a good wash and thorough inspection. Get rid of any cobwebs, dust bunnies and critters that may have taken up residence.

Determine what repairs are needed. If you’re not a handyman, bring it to a service professional you trust. As you would with a car, check the fluids, battery, belts, hoses, valves, electrical system and engine.

If you haven’t taken your RV on a road trip recently, make sure your appliances and fire extinguisher are working, and replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Don’t forget to flush your water heater and holding and freshwater tanks.

Boats need special attention to the hull and propellers. Look for damage and cracks that could ruin a wonderful day on the water. And check out your water pump’s rubber impeller, which keeps the engine cool. Make sure your life jackets are in good condition and your fire extinguisher is charged.

Don’t overlook your boat trailer. Is your registration current? Are the moving parts moving? Do your tires have enough air and tread?

Finally, get an insurance checkup. At Lane Insurance, we offer customizable protection plans for boats, RVs, campers, jet skis and all-terrain vehicles. Call us today (386) 734-0800 at for a free review of your insurance policies, or visit us online to learn more about our offerings at