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Why You Need an Insurance Broker

Insurance brokers are your best bet when it comes to evaluating and purchasing insurance for your family, home, automobile and business.

Why? Insurance brokers specialize in insurance and risk management and provide expert, unbiased recommendations. Because they have access to many policies offered by different companies, they can help you select an insurance package that meets your needs and fits your budget. In short, they work for their clients, not an individual insurance company.

Your choices are limited when you work directly with an insurance agent or individual company; they will offer only one source with limited options. Brokers, on the other hand, will provide a range of options and multiple quotes from a number of insurers. With their broad base of knowledge, brokers can analyze the options for you, helping you to build a comprehensive insurance plan that addresses your unique liability needs.

After clients purchase insurance, brokers continue to advise them on everything from filing a claim to deciding if it’s time to change insurance policies. They understand the ins and outs of market changes, deductibles, copays and policy limits. And they are here to represent your best interests.

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